great expectations... charles dickens' tale of destiny, desire and duplicity, is brought to you by the imagination of rain or shine theatre company in james reynard's new adaptation ‘bringing classical theatre into the heart of local communities’ in their new christmas & new year tour of village halls and community centres.

a family treat for the lead up to christmas and into the new year.

christmas eve, 1823.... a misty churchyard.... young orphan, philip pirrip, known as pip, is about to begin his life of great expectations....
dickens’ thrilling coming of age tale is one of excitement, amusement, romance and intrigue and is a ‘who is it’, as opposed to a ‘who-dunnit’, regarding the mysterious benefactor funding pip’s growth in to a gentleman; could it be an escaped convict he meets on christmas eve, or perhaps joe gargery the kindly blacksmith, miss havisham the eternal bride, or uncompromising lawyer, mr jaggers? with the boundaries of good and evil blurred, pip has to learn who is friend... and who is foe. dickens’ victorian novel of wealth, poverty, love, rejection and conflict is one of the most popular classics of english literature and an enduring tale that has delighted readers, listeners, theatre and cinema audiences for over 150 years.

"rain or shine is an excellent company at the top of its game,
and their 'great expectations' are well realised in this production."

avril silk - remote goat - november 2014 - 5 star review



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