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Summer 2024

When two Victorian gentlemen assume the name of ‘Earnest’ to win the affections of two ladies, both determined to marry a man of that name, the scene is set. Join Rain or Shine Theatre Company for an evening of hilarious confusion in a world of handbags, perambulators, cucumber sandwiches, muffins, butlers, and of course, that theatrical tour de force – Lady Bracknell!

Pack your bubbly, chairs and picnics and witness the comical confusion of Oscar Wilde's hilarious masterpiece, The Importance of Being Earnest!

"We were fortunate enough to watch the brilliant performance of ‘the Importance of being Earnest’ given by Rainshine at Cawley Hall, Herefordshire last night. I am an ex English & drama teacher & inspector so I know the play well. This is one of the best performances of ‘IBE’ I’ve ever seen. Well done!👏👏"  -- Jackie 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for a perfect evening. It was just wonderful - so slick, so clever, so joyful. A complete and utter delight. And that pair of red kites enjoyed it as much as we did." -- Anita


25 Paddock Gardens


Phone: 01452 521575                     
Mobile: 07954 180983