Much Ado About Nothing

November 1918.
The Great War has come to end and,
the men of the British military forces are returning to their
homes. Don Pedro and his comrades are coming at last to Messina
(a little known village on the edge of the Cotswolds)
where they are met by friends, old and new.

Join us this Summer, as we visit one of Shakespeare’s
best loved comedies. From the dastardly Don John, to the
daft Sergeant Dogberry, 'Much Ado About Nothing' will bring you
revellers, rascals and romance. Featuring the very best of
the Bard’s wit and wisdom, the fiery Beatrice gives
Benedick, the bachelor, a battle of words to remember,
and true love is at it’s sweetest as Claudio falls for his darling Hero.

Dig out your hampers and load up your picnic bags for
Rain or Shine’s 20th Anniversary, as the people
of Messina find love, scupper mischievous plots and celebrate
new found peace across the world!

model provided by Crows Eye Productions


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