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Hero (Lindsey Carr) &
Claudio (Craig Rogers)

( Lto R) Benedick (James Reynard), Beatrice (Claire Tucker), Claudio (Craig Rogers) & Hero (Lindey Carr)



Beatrice (Claire Tucker) &
Hero (Linsey Carr)

(L to R) Leonato (Anthony Young), Don Pedro (Tyler Coombes), Claudio (Craig Rogers), Don John (Tom McCarron) & Benedick (James Reynard)

Benedick (James Reynard)
& Beatrice (Claire Tucker)

Claudio (Craig Rogers)
& Don Pedro (Tyler Coombes)


(L to R) Claudio (Craig Rogers), Antonia (Jayne Lloyd), Beatrice (Claire Tucker), Hero (Lindsey Carr) & Leonato (Anthony Young)

Verges (Craig Rogers)


(L to R) The Watch
(Jayne Lloyd, Lindsey Carr, Claire Tucker)
Verges (Craig Rogers) & Dogberry (Tom McCarron)

(L to R) Beatrice (Claire Tucker), Hero (Lindsey Carr)
& Antonia (Jayne Lloyd)



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