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prospero (james reynard) & ariel (claire tucker)
"thou liest, thou malignant thing!"

stephano (anthony young),
caliban (ellis j. wells) & trinculo (rob keeves)
"that when i wak'd, i cried to dream again"

prospero (james reynard)
"hast thou, spirit, perform'd to point the tempest that i bad thee?"

stephano (anthony young) & trinculo (rob keeves)
"the king and all our company else being
drowned, we will inherit here"

prospero (james reynard) & caliban (ellis j. wells)
"you taught me language, and my
profit on't is i know how to curse"

stephano (anthony young) & caliban (ellis j. wells)
"and that most deeply to consider is
the beauty of his daughter"

prospero (james reynard)
"i will plague them all, even to roaring"

prospero (james reynard), miranda ( pippa meekings)
& ferdinand (ellis j. wells)
"for i can here disarm thee with this
stick and make thy weapon drop"

miranda (pippa meekings) & prospero (james reynard)
"thou did'st smile, infused with a fortitude from heaven"

caliban (ellis j. wells)
"this island's mine, by sycorax my mother,
which thou tak'st from me"

prospero (james reynard) & ariel (voiced by claire tucker)
"apporach, my ariel. come!"

trinculo (rob keeves), stephano (anthony young)
& caliban (ellis j. wells)
"come on open your mouth; this will shake your shaking, i can tell you!"

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