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Summer 2008 Rain or Shine Theatre Company,
toured with their production of 
Shakespeare’s comedy classic..

The Winter's Tale

in castles, stately homes and gardens throughout the U.K.  
The summer (despite the inclement weather) was an unmitigated
success, and has been described by many of our regulars as
the best production to date!

For their tenth anniversary, Rain or Shine present the haunting and moving tragi-comic romance that includes the most famous stage direction in Shakespeare "exit, pursued by a bear!"

Leontes, King of Sicily, and Polixenes, King of Bohemia have been friends since childhood. However, when Leontes falls prey to an irrational jealousy and accuses his wife Hermione of having an affair with Polixenes, the repercussions have shattering results for all concerned. Sixteen years go by, and the shepherds of Bohemia are celebrating their spring festival, unaware that amongst them are a comical singing rogue, Autolycus, and a young couple, all destined to play a part in the reconciliation of Sicily and Bohemia. At times both comic and tragic, Shakespeare carefully weaves The Winter’s Tale into an incredible story of human frailties, and ultimately, strengths.






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