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For it's 2007 season, there was more Rain than Shine for our stalwart troops, but both actor and audience braved Rain, Shine, and occasionally hurricanes
for our production of Shakespeare's

Twelfth Night

Off the coast, a ship is wrecked and a set of twins are separated by the raging winter storms - each believing the other to have perished. The sister, Viola, finds herself in the company of a Duke of the strange land, Orsino, who has sworn to woo and marry the Lady Olivia - a famous beauty of the region. Olivia, however, has sworn a life of celibacy, mourning the loss of her father - a matter of great discrepancy between the two. Finding herself in a land both cold and joyless, Viola disguises herself as a boy and integrates herself into Orsino's household fast becoming a favourite with the love-lorn duke, and unexpectedly warming the dispassionate heiress - unfortunately with unforeseen consequences.

Add in a missing twin brother, a plague of plotting servants, and one of Shakespeare's most malcontented characters and you have a Yuletide to remember!

Yes, Christmas does have a darker side, and certainly not the present Malvolio is expecting!







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