She Stoops to Conquer


an 18th Century farce for all the family

“A reserved lover, it is said,
always makes a suspicious husband.”

It's the 18th century.

Kate Hardcastle is a young lady fixed
up to meet the eligible Marlow
with a view to marriage.
Marlow is a young gent who is
tongue-tied with the upper classes and downright lecherous with commoners.

So when Marlow is tricked into
believing Kate's ancestral home is a
country inn, and mistakes Kate for
a lowly barmaid what could possibly
go wrong?


Set against the increasingly chaotic
proceedings of one very long night,
She Stoops to Conquer is a delightful romantic romp filled with
ludicrous misunderstanding, mischief
and mayhem.

Casting professional actors

for Summer 2020 now!

Casting through Mandy Actors:

Casting through private email:

Outdoor UK Tour.
Touring May 29 – Sept 6. Rehearsing May 4-28 in Gloucester.
We are looking for professional actors, preferably with outdoor touring experience. All accomodation provided.

Weekly pay, plus profit share at the end of the tour.

    • Actors able to drive our tour vans highly desired.
    • Local actors to Gloucestershire preferred but not essential.

    Casting Breakdown:

    Mr. Hardcastle
    Male, playing age 55+
    a country squire; a bit of a blowhard.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

    Mrs. Hardcastle
    Female, playing age 50+
    a country dame with city pretensions.
    Strong personality required
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

    Miss Kate Hardcastle
    Female, 20-30
    their daughter; well spoken smart, pretty, and fiery.
    Needs to be able to affect a rural accent at times.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

    Tony Lumpkin
    Male, 20-29
    Mrs. Hardcastle's son from a previous marriage;
    a rough country lad with a sly, playful edge;
    all about having a good time and getting drunk.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

    Young Marlow
    , playing age 23-30
    a confident refined man who shows a public school confidence,
    but can also play comedically shy/stutterer.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

    Male, playing age 23-30
    Marlow's friend;
    A generally lighter and more flamboyant character than Marlow.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

    Miss Neville
    Female, playing age 20-29
    a cousin of the Hardcastles'; Kate's best friend; a poor relation.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


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